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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

"Sark the Shark" Returns

Family –

Usually, I could give a rip or waste the time and energy on anything that happens at USC, but given the recent developments of Coach Sarkisian’s return to the Southland I couldn’t resist jotting down a couple of thoughts as things progress throughout the week.

I predicted Sark’s return to USC back in 2009… not soon after he left for U-Dub. Having the common sense understanding that Lane Kiffin was nothing more than a program band-aid and unfortunately for SC the only one dumb enough to take the vacancy left by Carroll amidst NCAA sanctions – it made sense that the only viable candidate for the job was Sark… I mean… as soon as the smoke cleared from the NCAA allegations and Reggie Bush was done with his Kardashian fix all bets in LA were off.

If you remember; Sark was a part of the two-headed offensive coordinating monster under Carroll that won two Nattys in the early 2000’s. Hmmmm… let’s see – one of the two (Kiffin) has had three head coaching jobs since (none particularly mind-blowing) and has left nothing but turmoil and destruction in his wake much like that of a category six hurricane. So much so that all…and I mean ALL of the programs (Oakland, Tennessee & USC) he’s left still ache from the aftermath of his presence.

Now the other… let’s see – has an impeccable reputation and has been credited with rebuilding a decimated Washington program being bowl-eligible in four of his five seasons there. Although some of the impatient ones in Seattle were ready to hit the panic button,
Coach Sarkisian looks on during a UW game.
Photo: AP
they have to realize Sarkisian inherited a 0-12 team that was at the bottom of the then Pac-10. I mean… you’re Washington for cryin out loud… you can’t expect miracles overnight!

At the end of the day Sark’s record speaks for itself. Good job Pat Haden.

Some of the pseudo-SC fans may even challenge the intelligence of Sark’s hiring given that now he has to clean up his colleagues mess. Duh… go figure.

As one of my coaching colleagues says: “Bruh… listen...”

I may not be a smart man, and my opinion may not be worth much more than the Word document I’m typing it on, but I know that if Sarkisian can take U-Dub from 0-12 to a bowl-eligible program we should all expect great things upon his return to the Land of Troy. The only question remaining is: “Will SC be able to keep Coach Orgeron for their foreseeable recruiting future?”

From the perspective of this Domer… let’s hope not. Orgeron’s recruiting genius coupled with Sarkisian’s offensive play-calling prowess and leadership could present a HUGE problem. Here’s an even better question presented on behalf of my Domer faithful… “Coach Kelly… do you have Coach O’s phone number?”

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