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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Pump Yo' Brakes

Family –

My apologies for taking so long to get back to the laptop, but since spring football started there has been a huge time commitment that has required most all of my attention. To that end, I would be remiss if I didn’t write a short commentary on the current Everett Golson issue that caught us off gua… well some of us off guard this past weekend.

First, let me say that I am in no way minimizing the magnitude of this issue or condoning cheating… however, there have been many before  Golson who have ( hmmmm… how should I put this mildly?)… bent the academic integrity of du Lac at some point. That’s just a simple part of college life... even at Notre Dame. To think the unthinkable that it couldn’t happen at Notre Dame is simply preposterous. If you happen to be one of those people who believe “this kind of thing never happens at Notre Dame” then WAKE UP! That’s almost like saying there’s no under-age drinking or premarital sex there either!

Nevertheless I digress…
Everett Golson Spring Football '13
Photo: AP

Secondly, let’s look at this from a different perspective. Did Golson cheat by himself? I mean, let’s face it… if there’s cheating going on there’s more than one person involved…period. Is the other party a member of the football team as well? Is Golson taking the brunt of this blow because of his stature as a Notre Dame star quarterback? What’s the back story behind this whole thing?

This kinda reminds me (on a much lesser level) of the Mike Vick scandal which basically took him down as the only one involved in the dogfighting ring and he took full responsibility because of who he was….not necessarily for what he did. I know that might offend some animal lovers out there, but there’s glaring truth there. If we think Mike Vick was the only professional athlete or high profile person at those “hosted” dogfights we need to WAKE UP! Again, not defending the action, but making the point that he didn't act alone.

Hmmmmm…let’s see… if Golson plagiarized then there had to be something or someone he plagiarized from, right? If he cheated on an exam there had to be something or someone he cheated with, right? I don’t know about you, but I would rather have all of the ingredients to my cake before I take a bite. By that I mean, let’s just hold off on passing judgment until we have all the facts of the case. Per usual, my Alma Mater is being as tight-lipped about this incident as possible given its sensitive nature AND the potential risk of stain to the Notre Dame persona.

Thirdly, let’s remember this is a kid… not saying that he didn’t make a poor choice, but he’s still a kid… Raise your hand if you never made a bad decision. Exactly... the only difference is that it probably wasn't played out in the national media circus. Now there are rumors about him leaving to go to the SEC and Gunner Kiel returning… baaaah hogwash! Kids make bad decisions… just because he happens to be the starting quarterback at one of the most storied educational institutions in the land doesn’t negate that fact. 

How ‘bout this…. Let’s get all the facts about the situation before we condemn Golson as an immoral son of Cain. Is that possible? I think there’s something really “special” about wearing number five at Notre Dame these days… good grief!

Jus sayin’


  1. A couple of thoughts from the peanut gallery: cheating is, sadly, rampant. I think you make a very valid point that this is being played up in the media because of Notre Dame's reputation and the star status of a star athlete playing football at Notre Dame. But why should every instance of cheating not be addressed in the same manner? At every institution? Cheating certainly does not occur only at high profile, prestigious universities. It happens every single day, at every single institution (my best guess). My second thought, though, is that why do we need to pass judgment, period. Even if all the facts prove that Mr. Golson cheated, is there any one among us who really is in a position to pass judgment? Maybe, if anyone, school officials, who have an obligation to uphold the integrity, rules and policies of the school. But other than that, I am thinking Mr. Golson's actions are between him, the school and those to whom he makes himself accountable (his parents, God, his teammates, perhaps). Is he accountable to his fans? That might imply a reciprocal relationship, and I don't believe student athletes benefit personally from having a fan base. All of that is to say I don't believe there are very many of us in any position to pass judgment on Mr. Golson, or any other player or person, for that matter. Again, I agree with you that it doesn't negate the seriousness of cheating, but crucifying a single football player at a single institution might not be the best way to handle the cheating epidemic at colleges and universities in this country.

  2. It would be interesting to see how the decision was made for expulsion. Was it an Ombudsman committee of students and facility like in previous days. Hey the student made a mistake, but does crime justify the penalty? Not justifying it by any stretch of the imagination but could ND have done a better job of making lemonade out of lemons, probably.