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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

The Momentum Effect

Family –

As you know I’ve launched a “Sport is Life” Initiative which underscores the importance of sport in all aspects of our lives. Today, I would like to discuss one of the intangibles we sometimes forget about when dealing with trials and tribulations in our lives…

“The Momentum Effect.”

Lemme ‘Splain…

In any sport there comes a time when there is a momentum shift. Let’s take the most recent Super Bowl for example. The Ravens were completely decapitating the Forty-Niners before the blackout. They were dominating in all phases of the game… offense, defense and special teams. It seemed the favored Niners had no answer for anything the Ravens threw their way. After the infamous blackout ended some 40 minutes later and play resumed there was a complete momentum shift in the game. The Forty-Niners came storming back and were, in my opinion, a couple of good goal line play calls away from winning the championship.

Coaches Jim and John Harbaugh
Photo: AP
So what happened? I’m glad you asked….

There was a momentum shift created by the blackout… the Forty-Niners were able to re-group, re-focus, make the necessary adjustments to their game plan and get themselves back on track. They went back to what got them to the Super Bowl in the first place. They began to slowly and methodically execute their plan and with just under two minutes left to go in the game, were in position to emerge victorious.

There is no difference in this scenario than what we deal with on a daily basis. We all have issues, struggles and turmoil in our lives. Sometimes negative momentum seemingly takes complete control. In those times it’s important to remember nothing ever stays the same. Things aren’t always great and things aren’t always bad, but consistency comes from our attitudes and how we respond. Just as the Niners did in the Super Bowl, if we can take a moment and “black out” the pending issues in our lives and re-focus our attentions on our plan for success our momentum will undoubtedly change.

Coach Holtz used to always tell our team, “Nothing’s as good as it seems and nothing's as bad as it seems, but somewhere in the middle reality falls.” Sounds like good advice for those of us who need a momentum shift. Take a moment to re-focus your energy and efforts on the positive things in your life and get back to doing the things that made you success in the beginning. There's no coincidence that you are where you are... and if you want to change your current position make the necessary adjustments to your game plan for success.

Bring on the blackout!

Sport is Life.