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Monday, February 11, 2013

Conversation... with Me

Family –

If you are in any way familiar with my writing style you know I have a tendency to “jot down” random thoughts and somehow they end up on my blog. This time I thought about what a conversation with me would have been like some twenty years ago… then a twenty year old kid with the world (from my minimal experience) in the palm of my hand.  I only posed one question…. a question based on my background and where I thought I fit in the proverbial “grand scheme of things” as a youngster.

Please don’t judge... remember I’m was only twenty.

Here goes…


“Oscar, you're from a really small town in North Central Florida. Define for me in your own words what it means to be “the one to get out."


Being the one to get out… hmmm? What exactly does that mean? That is as much a social caste vs. class question as any. Being “that guy” can carry significant meaning… not to mention significant pressure. How many times have you heard of some “great” ball player coming from humble beginnings and overcoming unbelievable odds to be where he is today? It would seem that it’s a sub-plot that many of us could turn into an after school special to air on Saturday morning’s right?

Oscar McBride circa. 1992
Is it a coincidence that this happens? Is there a specific criteria requirement in order for me to succeed? Must I come from a broken home? Does my mother have to be addicted to drugs and be unemployed? Am I the only one of my buddies at age 25 or younger who’s not either dead or imprisoned? Do I need so much anger, sadness and disappointment in my life to fuel my success? Is football (or any sport for that matter) my only way out? 

More importantly, when I get out, will I abandon those old habits and thought processes from whence I’ve come and run the risk of being labeled a “sellout” by my peers or do I continue to make bad decisions much to the chagrin and ridicule of the general public? 

Ultimately, I think it’s all about what fuels you… what you want out of life. How big can you dream and how hard are you willing to work to make those dreams real? At this point I figure there’s only two options for me…

Which way will I go? It would seem that the answer is easy to ascertain. However, pressure comes not only from inside my home, but from outside my home in the streets where I’m known as “one of a few lucky enough to get out.”

I hope this answers your question…

Never mind… forget I asked. 

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