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Friday, January 25, 2013

One Final Thought - Manti Te'o

Ok Peeps -

I’ve done radio shows and telephone interviews so I guess it’s high time I did a blog to express my thoughts on this whole fiasco.

First of all let’s put this out there…. Manti Te’o is the most decorated collegiate athletes of all time and he just so happens to be a Notre Dame Alum. He’s played at a high level on the field for four years and has been nothing but a model citizen off the field.

There…got that out of the way.

Second…. Ok so he made a mistake and got involved with someone with obvious mental issues. Can anyone reading this blog right now honestly say they haven’t been involved (personally or professionally) with an absolute wacko? Yeah… didn’t think so.

Third… what did he do? Was he arrested? No. Did he steal something? No. Did he scalp tickets? No. Did he get a house for his parents and a car featured in DUBS Magazine? Uh, no. Did he sell some Notre Dame memorabilia to a local tattoo shop in exchange for cash? Negative. Did his dad shop him around to the highest bidder when he was being recruited? Nope. So if we can take a step back and see through all the idiotic jokes and puns that have been directed his way, Manti is truly only guilty of being a gullible kid.

Oooooo… bad Manti!

Look I know we all look at this situation and say, “How could this happen? He had to know!” If there’s something more that comes out of this I will gladly delete this post and recant my statements…but until that time comes I will believe that this young man was taken advantage of… violated and completely embarrassed.

Has anyone taken a Nano-second to think about how embarrassing something like this could be? This kid was a role model and inspiration to thousands of people (many who have never and will never meet him) – how would you shoulder the guilt of having let them down? What would you say on national television? How would you feel if you (personally) were the bud of every tasteless joke, television skit and (in the case of the Cleveland Cavaliers… which I still don’t know where they get off making fun of ANYONE) jumbtron timeout segment? What would you say to him if you were his parents?

Who knows what irreparable damage has been done to this kid?

The masses would say, “Well, he’ll go to the NFL and make a ton of money and everything will be cool.” I can’t imagine that we (in 2013) would be so shallow. This isn’t something that just goes away – unfortunately this may be something that follows him for a while.

In closing let me say I hope for Manti’s sake this is something that does goes away quickly… and I hope he’s learned a valuable lesson in all this (I don’t know what it would be; but I hope he has). I wish him nothing but the best and continued strength for as long as he might need it. And for all of us social media hounds… let’s just leave the kid alone.

Go Irish!


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  1. I think the whole thing is so sad!! Whether Manti Te'o is "guilty" of merely being young and naive and gullible and innocent (there is "guilt" associated with this??) or of some level of complicity (which would be unfortunate, but it sounds as though this is not the case, and even if it were, it may be stupid and self-serving, but a crime? hardly!!), I think the really sad thing is that people have nothing better to do with their time than "tweet" and "post" and "mention" ad nauseaum about other people. I believe that if we are busy keeping our own sidewalks clean, what? by being focused, preparing, being disclipined and ... oh, the next one is coming ... then who has TIME to be in someone else's business, especially to the degree EVERYONE in the sports industry has been in Mr. Te'os' business! Let's leave Manti Te'o alone and let him play football, which is how we all know who he is in the first place!!