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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Some Thoughts For Parents...


Today, I'm adding another excerpt from my book Relentless Wisdom. This excerpt is specifically for parents... myself included. I know we love our kids dearly, but here are a couple of things to consider the next time you attend a sporting event that your child participates in.


1.      Ease up a little -No matter what you say, you will never be tougher on them than they are on themselves.

2.    They aren't you - So what you did at their age doesn't necessarily apply in today's sports culture.
3.    Let's be honest, some of them just aren't athletically gifted  - Just love them for who they are and be fine with that.

4.    Ask them don't tell them "How do you think you played today?" versus "I don't think you played well today." You might be surprised how in tune they are with how they performed.

5.     Don't assume - They may not want to play the sport you played as a kid. Their favorite sport could be completely different. Let them decided which direction to go.

6.    Always remember to tell them you love them - Sometimes no matter the approach you take, things can get out of hand. Just remind them that you love them and no matter what you're there for them.

7.     We're talking youth sports here - nobody is picking up a check at the end of the game... if so, sign me up!

8.    Relax and enjoy the game - This one is for me specifically. We've got to remember they're children and even the pros make mistakes. Let the coaches coach.. Our job is to lift 'em up.

9.    If they ask give an honest yet loving answer - If you get them to ask what you think...think before you answer. In most cases they’re hanging on your every word.

      10. Youth sports is about the experience and having fun - Don't let them forget that.

              Remember, behavior is modeled... what message are you sending them?


  1. I cannot believe you picked a picture of a mother ... !!! You've never seen any over eager moms on the sidelines, have you?????

  2. I love #1 ... Ease up a little -No matter what you say, you will never be tougher on them than they are on themselves.

    I need to remind myself of that daily, because you are right, they are tougher on themselves than we ever will be on them!

    Thanks, Oscar! Great reminders. :)