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Thursday, June 28, 2012

A Different Perspective...

Good  morning folks -

I'm not sure if you guys are aware, but I'm an adjunct professor at Concordia University. The class I teach is called Sport Ethics. In this class we deal with all types of scenarios as they pertain to sports and some of the ethical situations that can arise. Today's post is a sample of what one of my students wrote about character education through youth sport. Enjoy!

A coach of youth sports has numerous responsibilities.  These responsibilities include both the athletic and social arenas.  As a youth coach you must teach the fundamentals of the game to promote future success and proper technique to prevent injury.  You must also instill character, morals, promote social standards, and develop cognitive skills. 
 One of the best ways that you can teach good character, morals and social standards is by modeling them yourself.  As a coach you are a role model.  The manner in which you carry yourself reflects what you value.  If you are always on time, organized, well prepared, and honest then your players will see that and begin to model it.  If you are consistently late you send the message that punctuality is not something that is important.  This is just an example, but is true of all character traits and values.  It is also important that you allow athletes at this level to have fun and show a lot of enthusiasm and praise for their accomplishments.  A positive atmosphere is something players should learn early. These are good character development traits to have in sports and life in general."
                                                                                                                                  - Casey Workman

Yes, behavior is modeled and kids act on what they see... the question then becomes what are you showing them... coach?


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